Cutting a winding path through the high desert above the Mogollon Rim in Arizona, Chevlon Canyon is a stunning 300ft deep gorge....and this property includes a piece of it.  Situated at 5500 ft in elevation, this nearly 100 acre piece of land is part of Chevelon Canyon Ranch, a remote group of properties near the Sitgreaves National Forest. The area has been and continues to be part of a large working cattle ranch, and very few of the other parcels have been developed, NONE in the immediate vicinity of this property are developed at all.  The nearest neighbor is literally miles away.

 This area is home to a huge amount of wildlife, including elk, antelope, deer and eagles. 



At the bottom of the canyon, Chevelon Creek runs with trout.



In the very center of the property is a fully functioning off-the-grid compound with a structure built from 40 ft cargo containers welded together and finished. It includes a kitchen, bathroom, dining room and room for storage. The attached mechanical room houses batteries, inverter, on-demand hot water unit, pressure tank, etc.

All appliances (stove, refrigerator, washing machine, heater, etc.) are included in the price.  A wood cooking stove provides additional heat. 

 The property has a well with a solar-powered pump-jack and a 4500 gallon steel water tank. Power is provided by a solar array and battery bank. There is also a back-up propane generator.  

On the edge of the canyon is a small one-room cabin with a wood-stove.  This was the first structure built on the property and it is impossible to see it from the road.

 The property is entirely fenced, and the north edge runs to the center-line of the river at the bottom of the canyon. There are several excellent building sites with canyon views.


Asking Price:  147,900